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For a long time we have been disappointed that the loco lights in the older style Märklin Z Gauge locos have been almost impossible to see, unless they are running at a high speed.

The latest locos mostly have LED lights that are so much brighter even at low speed – yet there are still a few new releases that have the old bulb style light fitted. You may also have a much loved older loco.

Replacement LEDs are either expensive, difficult to buy, long on back order or simply not available. Some even requiring soldering and loco alterations to fit. Ours are none of these things!

Compare bulbs to LEDs in the Locos below


Over the last year CK LED has been developing with a UK company a suitable quality replacement LED which is a lot easier to install at a really competitive price, AND we have added the addition of a combined white and red unit to add tail lights to your loco.

The White CK LED are a direct replacement unit that will offer, in most examples, a clear brighter upgrade starting at low speeds and are directional in all locos with lights front at rear that we have tried. However, it's impossible to try them in absolutely every model of Märklin Z gauge loco, so if you encounter problems do let us know.


The red and white kits also include a silver washer to fit as a replacement for the diode on the electric plate and a brass washer to fit the crocodiles. The crocodile diodes are a slightly different size.

We could also offer a bespoke service for changing the bulbs to LEDs for you – please contact for further information

The only loco we have currently found that will need a small modification for the LED is the Märklin 8854/88541 - Class 103 express loco, as the lenses in the loco slightly fouls the LED – if you intend to fit in a Class 103 electric loco then please email on order and we will modify this for you before posting out.

The CKLED module is typically a straight swap for the old bulb module


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